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‘John & Heidi Show’ coming to Country Crossroads

11 January 2017 Programming News Staff Changes Station Updates

Country Crossroads is proud to announce that the nationally-acclaimed radio show, the John & Heidi Show is coming to AM1680 Country Crossroads! This married couple, John & Heidi Small, bring a fun angle to the radio each day from 7pm to 11pm. Many local married couples say they can relate to the dumb arguments heard on this program. From weird news to fun guests and several daily features that keep people listening and learning, the John And Heidi Show is a great way to wake up! The show begins on Wednesday, January 11th. You can hear it all on AM1680 in Dacula and worldwide at CountryCrossroadsRadio.com.


John Small & Heidi Braunschweig (now Small) met in 1999 when John moved to a small town in Iowa to help launch a new radio station. About five months after moving there he met Heidi and the world has not been the same since.  Married since 2000, the Smalls began this radio show ten years later in 2010.  John actually started his broadcasting career in 1994, but this radio program started when the couple launched their own radio station in South Dakota and their friends encouraged John to have his wife Heidi join him on the radio. It was very different to have a MARRIED COUPLE do the morning show together. Sometimes that’s a great thing…. other times it can be weird since they are so “comfy” with each other on the air!  What started on one station, then went to two stations now to dozens of stations across the nation.